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Lot of updates in PC-98 category !

Hi everyone!

Recently I was focus on laserdisc section. But I took some time to update the PC-98 category ! You can find now lot of informations and new pictures about the most unknown and hard to understand game plateform. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need advices or share your experience. Have fun !

PC-98 section

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Les Années Laser

Hello everyone!

At first, merry christmas!

This week is special. I will not write any article about movies. I just started to add scans of interesting articles of the french magazine : "Les Années Laser". It was a fantastic paper about LD and audio-video units of the 90's.

I will only add some scans of LD reviews or interresting AV units. All is in french, but if you want to understand specific sentences, you can ask me!

Les Années Laser

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New Category! LD review (FR)

From this month on, I will try to add a movie review every week! As I get my Lumagen, I can finally do high resolution capture!

My reviews are in French. You can read it only if you understand French, or you can use google translation! But the result may look a little bit strange.

These reviews are full of spoilers, because they are movie analyses. So please, watch the movie before reading the articles.

Thank you!

Here are some pictures of Deliverance, captured with my Lumagen! I will also add a review of the Lumagen soon.

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