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Pole Dance scenes in movies

If you like striptease scenes in movies, you may have a little smile every time a character enters a strip bar, expecting some interesting poses or sexy dances from the most beautiful women in the world! You may also have noticed that those scenes occur generally in the worst movies ever! And especially pole dance scenes.

To prove this strange theory (pole dance scenes and bad movies) and also for fun, I have decided to search all these scenes inside my LDs movies! If you know movies like this, please give me a shout ! Let's start !

Long time no see ! Projector at home !

Sorry everyone ! Long time no see... and no movies articles since a month now... I was a little bit busy, by my work, and also my AV configuration.

My TV finally died last month, and I had to think about a new way to see movies. I didn't want to buy an other LCD, or fancy OLED screen, as it will propaly die again in some years. Recently the TVs are very beautiful in the show window. Colors and contrast are superbe, they does 4K etc. But after some years, burns appears, whites are becoming yellow, pixel dies... and the worst is when it dies, you still have a big black pannel not recyclable until you decide to pay again to trow it in the apropriate place.Then I decide to not buy a new TV, but a Video Projector ! Advantages are great ! No more heavy black TV, a screen of 80 inch, no more NHK TV tax to pay !!! lot of advantage.

But it took me a lot of time to choose a projector and install it.


You can find here the review of the 2 projector I tried here : review

Lot of updates in PC-98 category !

Hi everyone!

Recently I was focusing on the laserdisc section. But I took some time to update the PC-98 category! Now you can find lots of information and new pictures about the most unknown and hard to understand game platform. Don't hesitate to ask me if you need any advises or you will like to share your experience. Have fun!

PC-98 section

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